Metchosin, BC, Sc'ianew Territory

UWC Pearson College hosts PSYL, and the College is located on the west coast of Canada at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, 29 km west of the city of Victoria, the capital city of the province of British Columbia. Set by sheltered Pedder Bay on the forested shores of the Pacific Ocean, the campus provides a stunning environment for students. 


The College’s cedar buildings are clustered on 75 acres of old-growth rainforest, positioned for minimal impact amidst endangered Garry oak and coastal Douglas fir ecosystems. The landscape is home to deer, eagles, songbirds, sea otters, seals, waterfowl and other wildlife, including the occasional visiting whale. The climate is among the warmest in Canada.


Victoria is a 45-minute drive away from the College, with airport and ferries to Vancouver and Seattle nearby. The college is also just a 15-minute drive from medical clinics and a 25-minute drive from a full service hospital. 

More On Campus

The Pearson College campus gives participants a comfortable place to call home during the program, while also offering some of the most beautiful wilderness to be found on Canada's west coast. 

Accommodation at the College is provided in four West Coast Modern "houses." You will share a bedroom with three other students, and belong to one house of 40 students. Staff members reside in separate bedrooms within the houses. Each house has a common room with a small kitchenette, full bathroom and shower facilities, as well as washers and dryers for laundry.

The dining hall offers gorgeous views of Pedder Bay and the Pacific Ocean. With a wraparound outdoor seating area, campus residents are often treated to views of otters playing on the docks and eagles landing in the Douglas fir trees. Kitchen staff prepare fresh and healthy meals daily, and are able to accommodate specific dietary needs. A salad bar is available at each meal, and the College's greenhouse garden supplies some of the vegetables for good local eats! As well, we enjoy tasty home-baked snacks throughout the day.

In addition to the residences and dining hall, the campus is also home to: an indoor, 25-metre heated pool; exercise room with workout equipment; science laboratories, including a floating marine biology lab; an observatory with the largest private telescope in Canada; a library with literature in dozens of languages and the personal collection of Lester B. Pearson; fine arts studios; a 300-seat theatre with music equipment and dance performance spaces; an interfaith Spiritual Centre; and 13 pianos located across campus. 

Because it's summer and the sun is (usually) shining, we conduct much of our program outdoors. The College's forested landscape offers unique outdoor classrooms for experiential learning. The network of hiking trails that criss-crosses campus gives participants lots of opportunities to explore, and the fleet of kayaks gives us the chance to explore the ocean too! For recreation, we have 8 bicycles, as well as tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. There's also a unique soccer field that's found in the forest. 

Getting Here

We can provide transportation from Victoria Airport (YYJ) or the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal to Pearson College on June 10th throughout the day, as long as we have your travel information. We will provide drop-off to Victoria Airport (YYJ) or Swartz Bay Ferry terminal until 1pm on June 22nd.


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